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What is the Real Cost Of Security? – Dental CPA Dental Accounting

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Security Breaches

If your office had a credit card breach, could you still make payroll with an $87,000 bill? Small businesses are now the target for criminals and the cost of a data breach. Did you know there were over 696 million records compromised last year with the average cost of a data breach between $52,000 and $87,000 in fees to the card companies? Six out of ten small businesses go under with a Security breach. Kaspersky Lab survey states that a single data breach costs small businesses $38,000: plus, indirect expenses and loss of reputation.


Does your office have an EMV (credit card chip) solution? Did you know it was mandated last year and your office may be vulnerable to costly chargebacks? If you have not upgraded your equipment, you may be at risk. Separate EMV terminals will add protection.

Did you know that fraudsters are able to rewrite magnetic strips that fake even an EMV terminal into thinking it is chip-less when swiped? As soon as they leave your business, they can call their credit card company to issue a chargeback. Your services could be rendered free of cost. There are many reports of banks who can issue chargebacks if a chipped card is swiped.

For businesses that do not have upgraded equipment, consider the following for protection:


  • Never rerun a card if it declines
  • Compare signatures
  • Check last 4 digits on receipt and card
  • Look at the card to verify if it is legitimate


Heartland Payment Systems is only direct processor that offers your business full breech warranty while using our equipment. Heartland Secure is the only way to go in this category:


  • End to End Encryption
  • Tokenization
  • EMV
  • Unlimited breach warranty
We also offer billing options as well as e-commerce payment options. Renee’ Shuping Cassidy
B2B Specialist, Heartland Payment Systems
(864)561-8374 Heartland Payment Systems is a Tier-One Processor who eliminates the middleman to make a difference on your bottom line! We are a technology company with the latest platform that digs to find the lowest wholesale rate. We offer next day funding, reduced American Express rates, full breech warranty, 24/7 customer service with a live person, interchange plus pricing and a three-year price lock! We also offer websites payments (ecommerce), as well as recurring billing options.


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