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We’ll Be Your Practice’s CFO

We’re the Opposite of One-Size-Fits-All

When you sign up for CFO Core, you’ll have access to your own dedicated CFO, who will help you tackle tough financial challenges. A team of experts will work on your bookkeeping and tax filing. And you’ll have a partnership where you learn more about the financial side of your practice, so you can feel confident you’re making the right decisions. Every practice that works with us gets the CFO Core experience, and we pride ourselves in tailoring this experience down to the smallest detail for each of our clients. 


Your Practice’s

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    Tax Return Prep
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    CFO Advisory
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    Tax Reduction Optimization
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    YE Financial Strategy
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How CFO Core Improves Your Practice’s Finances

We designed the five parts of the CFO Core service specifically to improve your profitability and financial performance. We’ll optimize your tax strategy and handle your returns. And you’ll meet with your CFO quarterly, so you can learn from financial experts and plan the financial future of your business. 


The CFO Core Impact

CFO Core is a service unlike any other you’ll find. And one of the best ways to understand is to hear it from the folks who will be working with you. 


The Perks of Having a CFO

  • Monthly financial and practice performance reports and quarterly meetings with your CFO
  • Call and text accessibility to help you solve problems 
  • Accurate account reconciliation services 
  • Access to proprietary financial software for insight into your practice’s numbers
  • Regulatory, tax, and audit support 
  • Timely tailored financial reports, including productivity schedules and provider bonuses 

A Small Team Helping You Make Big Decisions

We’re a small team. And we like it that way. 

It lets us get to know you and your practice intimately. We’ll share our phone numbers, so you can call or text us instead of going through a support desk.

We’re selective in who we work with because we know a partnership has to be the right fit to be truly successful. We want to improve the lives of our clients. For us, this is not just about making your business more efficient or consulting on financial management. We want to help you create a practice you enjoy owning, so you can spend more time with your family and doing what you love.


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Additional Solutions for your Practice Challenges

What Other Dentists Say About Us

Dr Richard van Gurp crop

"The Dental CFO has been instrumental to my success in the business of dentistry. From the start, it is easy to tell that they have a sincere interest in helping you succeed. It’s not cookie-cutter. It’s not perfunctory. It’s sound advice and assistance in an area where most dentists need it."

- Richard W. van Gurp, DDS, FACD


"What I love is their individual attention, sound guidance, and consistently excellent customer service… They have a great understanding of the dental industry, and they’re excited to pass along this knowledge to their clients… In addition to delivering great customer service, they’re also genuinely good people who care about their clients."

- M. Danielle Funny, DDS

Dr Benjamin Yarborough Crop

"The Dental CFO was extremely nice and anxious to make the transition from my previous accounting firm a positive one. They have looked after me over the years, guided me, gotten me through an audit with a positive outcome, and have always been there when I needed them. I am happy to have them behind me as they have taken worries away from me."

- Benjamin H. Yarborough, DDS

Dr Stephen Rouse

“Partnering with The Dental CFO was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. They lifted the burden of administrative and financial management off my shoulders, making my life easier both inside and outside the office.”


- Stephen Rouse, DDS

Dr Douglas Wolfe

“Working with The Dental CFO has transformed New Town Dentistry. I fully trust their expertise and guidance, and I can’t imagine where my practice would be without this partnership.” 


- Douglas Wolfe, DDS

Helpful Resources from the Dental CFO

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Case Studies

Read real life examples of the dental practices we’ve guided, and see how they’ve become success stories!

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Free Guides

Helpful downloads created by our team to guide all areas of your practice management.

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Explore our library of video topics specific to dentists and their practice challenges.

Let’s Talk About Your Practice

Tell us about your practice and the support you need. We’ll review your information and reach out to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult to discuss how our team can help you.