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We manage your practice’s finances so you can focus on your patients.

Are You Overwhelmed Trying to Manage the Finances of Your Practice?

You became a dentist for a reason. And you probably didn’t envision nights reviewing complex financial statements or thinking about taxes as you pursued your dream. We get it. We’ve worked with many dentists who are exhausted trying to manage their practice’s finances and keep up with patient work. That’s why The Dental CFO exists.

We provide clarity and financial expertise so you can focus on patient experience and dental care. We’ve been working with dental practices for 50 years, so we know the industry better than traditional accountants and advisors. We can help you create a more efficient and financially successful practice.

Stephen Rouse, DDS

The Dental CFO’s skill, knowledge and expertise in all areas have made our business more profitable and productive. The team at The Dental CFO UNDERSTAND, KNOW, CARE and RESPOND. Hiring them is the BEST decision I have made!

Benjamin H. Yarborough, DDS

The Dental CFO was extremely nice and anxious to make the transition from my previous accounting firm a positive one. They have looked after me over the years, guided me, gotten me through an audit with a positive outcome, and have always been there when I needed them. I am happy to have them behind me as they have taken worries away from me.

Richard W. Van Gurp, DDS, FACD

The Dental CFO has been instrumental to my success in the business of dentistry. From the start, it is easy to tell that they have a sincere interest in helping you succeed. It’s not cookie-cutter. It’s not perfunctory. It’s sound advice and assistance in an area where most dentists really need it.

Your Dental Practice Needs a CFO

Get Started with …   The Dental CFO - CFO Core   CFO Core™

Every practice that partners with us receives our foundational service, CFO Core. You’ll have access to your own dedicated chief financial officer (CFO). We’ll also manage your monthly bookkeeping and give you financial insight through our easy-to-read proprietary dashboard. You’ll gain a better understanding of your firm’s financial performance and visibility into what’s happening at any time.

Once per quarter, you’ll meet with your CFO. We’ll walk you through a financial analysis and let you know what’s working well and what can be improved. And we’ll ask how things are going with your business and what we can do to help.

With CFO Core, you’ll:

Be confident in your practice’s financial position
Make better decisions for business success
Eliminate the frustration of managing finances on your own
Have accountability to work toward your goals
Partner with a dedicated CFO and receive real-time advice on the challenges you face

Additional Solutions Designed for Dentists Like You

Since every practice is unique, we offer and may recommend additional services based on your need:

Strategic Planning

Looking for long-term planning? We’ll sit down with you over a one or two day workshop to identify your goals and create an action plan to get there, leaving you confident in your practice’s path forward.

Practice Management Consulting

Our dental consultant experts will work through practice management challenges at the level you need so you can increase revenue, drive productivity, engage your team, remain compliant, and run a more efficient business.


You don’t have to go on this journey alone. We’ll advise you on the best decisions to make when forming your business, from how to start a dental practice to financial management support.

Consulting Services

With a network of dental industry expertise, we can guide you in nearly any capacity, from partnerships, buy-ins/buy-outs, practice valuations and assessments, special financing projects, and more.

What it’s Like to Work with The Dental CFO

If you’re only looking for someone to do your taxes, we’re not the right fit. We work with dental practices looking for a partner to help them manage their finances. Sure, tax advisement and strategy are one part of what we do. But the value in working with us is being able to pick up the phone and talk with your own CFO. You’ll have our cell phone numbers. And we’ll sit down and have a real conversation with you about your business.

Your practice’s financial management is more than prepping for tax season. We focus on your goals and the overall financial health of your business. We take complex issues and explain them in an easy-to-understand way. Our team of experts knows the dental business because this is what we do. We make the financial management of your practice easier so you can enjoy running your business and doing the work you love.

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