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Case Study: The Dental CFO ‘Does It All’ for Local NC Dental Practice

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Over two decades ago, Drs. Bryan and Kelly Kreeb, a husband-and-wife team, decided to open their own dental practice. Their vision was clear: to build a practice that served their community in Huntersville, NC, and provide exceptional oral health care for its patients.

The clinical expertise they had was unparalleled, but it became increasingly evident that the challenges posed by the business side of their practice were daunting. Driven by a commitment to their patients and their craft, Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb recognized that it was time to seek a trusted partner who could help them manage the complexities of their growing practice. 

After enlisting the expertise of The Dental CFO, Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb gained the invaluable freedom to focus on their passion — providing extraordinary dental care. While The Dental CFO took the reins on the financial side of their business, the accomplished dentists were able to grow their practice and provide essential oral care to their cherished community.

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Starting From Scratch

When Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb began the plans of opening their own dental practice, they had had zero experience with building a business — especially with the financial side of things. They had no experience with bookkeeping or payroll and didn’t know anyone who could provide them with the human resources support they needed.

They quickly realized that a dental practice is more than just treating patients; it's about managing and running a business efficiently. Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb, while experts in dentistry, faced a significant challenge in navigating the complexities of business operations. Their practice needed guidance on many levels: financial management, accounting, bookkeeping, and human resources. 

They reached out to an accountant they had both trusted over the years, but after learning of his approaching retirement, they were at a loss. Luckily, the accountant recommended them to The Dental CFO to help with a full range of financial aspects.


Going All In

From day one, Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb enlisted the help of The Dental CFO for expertise in providing an all-encompassing solution. Since they had never had experience in running a business, and they trusted the recommendation of their previous accountant, they gave total control of the finances to The Dental CFO.

They received comprehensive financial support, efficient accounting services, and meticulous bookkeeping. The Kreebs had the following taken off of their plates:

  • Tax advising and filing 

  • Bookkeeping and payroll management

  • Tools and resources from dental practice experts 

  • Practice management insights 

  • Practice transition support 

  • HR consulting and resources 

  • On-demand reporting and analytics

The Dental CFO also connected them with a financial planner, helping to broaden the scope of their practice to include the potential of scaling in the future. 

Their administrative needs were completely handled from the ground up. Every aspect of financial management and operational tasks was handed over to The Dental CFO, allowing the Kreebs to focus solely on patient care.

“We do what they tell us to do, and we're good. They've been a big part of our success.” - Dr. Kelly Kreeb


Grinning Ear-to-Ear

The benefits of partnering with The Dental CFO have been manifold for Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb. The practice has expanded since its opening 22 years ago and now supports a team of ten, ensuring superior dental services for the community. 

The Dental CFO's adept management of financial and operational tasks has allowed the couple to concentrate on their passion for dentistry without having to worry about any administrative aspects of the business. There have been virtually zero issues as their business has grown.

“[Aside from dentistry] they do everything else for us. I don't worry about taxes, I don't worry about what we owe, I don't worry about this or that, they do it all. I just pay the bill, and I’m done.” - Dr. Kelly Kreeb

Over the years, they've witnessed firsthand the rising demands of a growing practice, and The Dental CFO has been able to help them streamline their practice's management, reduce time spent on non-clinical tasks, and regain control over their professional and personal lives.

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To Infinity and Beyond

“I think they're fabulous. If we did not start with them from day one, we would not be where we are now.” - Dr. Kelly Kreeb

Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb have harnessed the benefits of The Dental CFO's tailored services, resulting in a thriving practice, work-life balance, and a focus on their passion. The transformative potential of a reliable partner like The Dental CFO cannot be stressed enough. Dr. Bryan Kreeb has complete trust in the Dental CFO and their capabilities. “We have the confidence to know they're doing the right thing. So, we don't worry about anything,” he says. 

The Dental CFO continuously updates and streamlines operations according to the newest technologies and regulations, including financial software integration, compliance with regulatory changes, and much more. They’ve empowered Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb to maintain a prosperous business and happy employees. 

Not only has their professional relationship been rewarding, but their personal relationship has grown, as well: “The biggest thing is the personal relationships we’ve made with them. We're not just a number, we’re not like clients, we’re friends and sometimes even like family.”

Drs. Kreeb and Kreeb plan on continuing their partnership with the Dental CFO for as long as they keep their practice open — which they aim to do for as long as possible. With such a thriving business, a reliable financial management partner, and their purpose being fulfilled every day by helping their community, it’s safe to say that their dental practice is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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