Why The Dental CFO?

Tom Loeblein, President & CEO

Video Transcript

Having worked with dentists for 50 years, we at The Dental CFO recognize that the dental practice owners today face challenges like never before. Some of these challenges are external, competition from large multi-site practices or corporate dentistry, or the struggle with how to handle the influx of managed care in your area. Some of the challenges are internal to your practice, such as unmotivated employees, lack of cash flow, not really knowing where all your money’s going, or large tax bills on April 15th.

Whatever the challenges you have, we understand that sometimes they feel overwhelming and frustrating. The dentistry you do seems like such a small part of all the responsibilities that you have. And secretly, you wonder, can things really be different?

At The Dental CFO, we provide the expertize and clarity you need, spoken in your language to resolve problems, eliminate frustrations, and produce a practice that is not only successful but is fun to lead.

Whether you are looking to improve your individual practice or you want to expand into multiple locations, we have the answers to help you. Give us a call at the number below for a complimentary discussion about your situation and find out if The Dental CFO is right for you.