Is Your Practice Healthy?

Tom Loeblein, President & CEO

Video Transcript

Author and business management expert Patrick Lencioni says that being smart is only half the equation in a successful organization. Successful organizations must be smart, but also must be healthy. Being smart includes a focus on the strategic, marketing, financial and technical needs of the business. Yet striving to have a smart organization somehow occupies all of the time, energy and attention of those business leaders.

The other half of the equation for success, the one that is largely neglected, is about having a healthy organization. Unfortunately, this is a half of the equation that oftentimes determines whether you as the practice owner will ultimately be successful, fulfilled, and happy in your career.

Have you ever been in a practice where employee engagement was lacking? Tensions were high and employees had no direction. Is that your practice? Well, essentially what you’ve experienced was a dysfunctional group and an unhealthy organization. The ultimate victims in this scenario are the patients who don’t receive the services they deserve.

A healthy practice, on the other hand, experiences minimal politics, minimal confusion, high employee morale, high productivity, and as a result, low employee turnover. Healthy practices are achieved by making excellent hiring decisions, providing cohesive leadership, and developing high-performance teams built on trust, respect, honor, and clear communication.

Let The Dental CFO team help you today with achieving a practice that is not only smart but is also healthy. You can then experience the results, satisfaction, and fulfillment that you’ve been longing for as a practice owner. Call us at the number below to discuss your needs and see if The Dental CFO is right for you.