New Practice Start-Up Assistance

Our team of professionals can provide advanced CFO-level expertise while helping you to craft a management strategy catered to your new dental practice.

Benefits of New Practice Start-Up Assistance:

At The Dental CFO®, we provide a variety of new practice start-up services. Our start-up package encompasses a variety of strategic services including facility planning, human resources, and financial management. Additionally, our team can help you select the best services that meet your specific needs.

Practice Formation

Human Resources

Financial Management

Accounting & Consulting

Financial Planning and Strategic Services for New Dental Practices

Practice Formation

Providing assistance with the myriad of initial setup issues such as determining corporate structure, developing a financial pro forma, obtaining employer tax identification numbers, in addition to other items essential to getting your practice started on the right track.

Facility Planning

Guiding the practice through the physical layout planning and implementation.

Human Resources

Determining staffing needs and providing the tools necessary for successful personnel management.

Management Systems

Providing recommendations and information on various PM and EHR systems for consideration.

Financial Management

Presenting proven methods for managing AP, AR, and other financial functions.


Assistance in connecting with competent marketing firms.

Insurance Credentialing

Working with the practice to enroll with the pertinent insurance carriers in your area.


Providing a full range of accounting and consulting services.

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