CFO Core™

The core of our service model – our robust CFO-level service.

Benefits of CFO Core™

With CFO Core™, we start by taking the headaches of your monthly bookkeeping away. We meticulously reconcile all accounts monthly and provide not only your financials, but also a proprietary dashboard report that will show how your practice is performing and compare it to other practices around the country. In addition, you will be assigned your own CFO and have the opportunity to meet quarterly via video conference.

Confidence in your “Numbers”

CFO Expertise to Help Make Better Decisions


Reduce Accounting Headaches


Let our team handle the task of producing accurate, timely, and meaningful financial reports in order to help you both measure and manage your bottom line.

Account Reconciliations: Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts to ensure accurate accounting and reporting, with the added step of reconciling practice’s receipts to bank deposits to identify potential fraud or embezzlement.

Customized Financial Information: Value-added analysis of practice-specific information, including productivity schedules and provider bonus calculations.

Financial Reporting: Review of monthly activity into a detailed general ledger, presented in proper Balance Sheet and Income Statement format, including comparative and variance analysis.

Cloud-Based Accounting Software: Access to Quickbooks Online.

Regulatory Requirements: Support for the myriad of reporting requirements, including 1099’s property tax listings, sales and use tax returns, and workers’ compensation audits.

Unlimited Phone Support: Carry on day-to-day activities with confidence knowing that answers to your accounting and bookkeeping questions are just a phone call away.

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Financial Dashboards

We track practice performance with the latest available benchmark statistical data that motivates and empowers providers to make sound decisions leading to short- and long-term success.

Customized Benchmark Data: Effectively allows you to understand and evaluate the current level of practice performance with meaningful benchmark data showing how your practice compares to others.

Critical Performance indices included: Key indices in financial performance, clinical production, payor mix, accounts receivable, overhead and staff compensation are provided.

Easy to interpret reporting: Automated reporting graphically illustrates key comparative performance indices that are critical to the health of your practice and essential to keeping abreast of best practices.

Springboard to goal setting & success: Relevant dashboard data enhances the decision making and goal setting processes for your practice allowing you to implement the steps necessary to close critical performance gaps.

Review of Practice Financial Picture

Utilize your CFO to help you better understand your numbers but to teach you as much as you would like to know about the best way to manage your practice’s finances.

Cash Flow

Gain a greater understanding of the cash flow of your practice and how it affects your decision-making.

Expense Management

Know exactly what you are spending your money on and what is reasonable and what is a concern.

Statistical Comparisons

Know exactly where your practice stands in comparison to other practices around the country, while learning what is most important.

Your Biggest Challenges

Discuss with your CFO what your biggest challenges are and how best to address them.

Quarterly Goals

Work with your CFO to set proper quarterly goals.

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