Imagine What Your Practice Could Be

Todd Dagenhart, CHBC
Vice President & COO

Video Transcript

Large multi-site practices and corporate dental firms have made it very difficult for the small dental practice to compete. Why? These large group practices have dedicated business professionals devoted to ensuring that their dental businesses are run with the business acumen of Fortune 500 companies.

They have chief financial officers that are dedicated to ensure all revenue is accounted for correctly and allocated effectively. The dentists in these firms are free to concentrate on providing excellent dentistry, while the suits ensure the business is profitable.

What if your practice had the same advantage? What if you could have your own CFO, affordably? Well, you can. With our Dental CFO program, we provide you with a dedicated CFO supported by a team of professionals, a whole collection of alphabet soup dedicated to ensure you receive the same business acumen, if not superior to those enjoyed by large firms. And we were able to provide it at a fraction of the cost. We share our superior resources and decades of experience in practices just like yours at an affordable investment that will more than pay for itself.

Imagine if you were free to concentrate on creating remarkable patient experiences and incredible dentistry, while the headaches of running your practice were reduced or eliminated. Imagine if you were crystal clear on your financial picture and were confident that your finances were in order, taxes were reduced and you had no surprises on April 15th. Imagine if leading your team was fun and the frustrations of personnel management were eliminated. Imagine if you had the confidence that you were accomplishing your financial and professional goals.

We at The Dental CFO are here for you. We love helping good practices become great practices. Ones that are not only highly successful but that are also fun to lead. Please call us at the number below to discuss your situation and see if The Dental CFO is right for you.