How to Hire Correctly

Vice President & Managing Partner

Video Transcript

Do you feel confident that you have the right individuals on your current practice team? Do you ever feel frustrated because of employee issues that seem to take up more and more of your time as a practice owner? Did you know a recent study shows that it costs an employer almost $10,000 to replace just one $12 per hour full-time employee who has been terminated? Another survey found that nearly one-third of business failures nationally can be traced back to poor hiring decisions. Maybe you have had your own bad experiences from hiring someone who just was not a good fit for your team.

Making the best hires possible for your practice is a critical responsibility. In fact, it’s one of the most important responsibilities that you have as an owner. In today’s increasingly complex employment environment, it’s important to know not only what to look for in a great candidate, but also how to hire that person legally and successfully.

Do you know the best questions to ask a job candidate to help determine their core values and ability to be successful on your team? Do you know the types of questions that are legally off-limits and should never be asked when interviewing job candidates? Did you know that state-of-the-art assessment tools are available to assist you in making the best hiring decisions possible?

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