What Can a Dedicated CFO Do For You?

Stan Jordan, CPA CHBC – Partner

Video Transcript

One of the things we hear from numerous dental practice owners is that the profit and loss statements that their CPA provides each month don’t make sense to them. They feel like they are paying monthly for information that is either no longer relevant or something that I just have to file every month.

Competing and winning in today’s environment is so different from even a few years ago. A practice can no longer simply have some accounting and a year in tax return completed and remain competitive or even survive, much less thrive. With a Dental CFO program, we provide you with your own dedicated chief financial officer who ensures you have a firm grip on the financial picture of your practice.

Your CFO meets with you at least quarterly to guide you with areas such as cash flow planning, debt management, overhead expense analysis. Your CFO takes a very proactive approach to your tax planning. We are experts in the taxation of dental clients and know how to reduce your tax exposure as much as possible. We also strive to ensure you have no surprises on April 15. We take care of all of your tax needs, including corporate and personal returns, property tax returns, and worker’s compensation audits.

In addition to all that, we provide you with the tools to help make leading your team fun again by taking the headaches out of the personnel management role that you have. Are you ready to give yourself an advantage to help you thrive? Are you ready to eliminate some of the stress of running your practice? Are you ready to have the confidence of knowing where you are and where you’re going?

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