One-third of business failures can be traced back to poor hiring decisions!

In the last 5 years, 6 out of 10 employers faced employment lawsuits!

  • Did you get effective “Director of Human Resources” (HR) training in school?
  • Have you been burned by past HR mistakes?
  • How well would your practice do in an HR audit?
  • Are you hiring the right people?
  • Does every team member love their job and enjoy coming to work?
  • Are you tired of dealing with workplace drama and HR headaches?
  • Does your employee performance review system need refining?

Would You Like:

  • To hire more effectively?
  • To lead more successfully and inspire peak performance from your team?
  • Your staff to be fully engaged in your practice, its vision and your patients?

You can have your own expert HR Director for less than $3 per day


number1Email or phone access (up to 120 minutes annually) with a professionally certified HR consultant.

number2Attend a mini HR Seminar each month without the travel time and costs! Receive access to a short monthly webinar with the latest HR news and management tips to help you address the most pressing “people issues” in your practice.

Each webinar includes insightful information on how to lead a high performing team which is a joy to work with rather than a burden. You will be able to access these “hot off the press” HR tips at your convenience, anywhere, anytime, as often as you need.