CFO Tax Reduction Optimizer™

Our team of professionals can provide the timely personal service you deserve with practical, well-crafted tax solutions for you and your dental practice.

Benefits of Our CFO Tax Reduction Optimizer™:

The CFO Tax Reduction Optimizer™ encompasses a variety of strategic tax planning services including our Tax Optimization Analysis™ process and our Tax Accuracy Planner™. Our goal is to provide you with business and personal tax planning expertise to obtain maximum allowable deductions with no surprises.

Reduce Taxes

Alleviate IRS Worries

Achieve Confidence in Your Tax Situation

Become Tax Smart

Tax Deduction Planning and Strategic Services for Dental Practices

Tax Optimization Analysis™

Our Tax Optimization Analysis™ begins with a comprehensive review of your prior 2 years of tax returns. During this review we will look for missed opportunities to obtain additional deductions. We will also discuss your current situation and go through a proprietary matrix to develop a tax strategy plan that will allow you to take full advantage of effective tax planning.

Tax Accuracy Planner™

Eliminate your fear of audits and unplanned tax bills. With our Tax Accuracy Planner™, we go to great lengths to not only ensure your business and personal taxes are accurately prepared, but we provide a system to keep you informed of your tax status multiple times during the year.

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