Strategic Dental Financial Management and Accounting Solutions

We are so much more than a Dental CPA!

The Dental CFO™ has worked with dentists for more than 50 years, so we recognize that you face challenges like never before. External or internal challenges can feel overwhelming and frustrating. At The Dental CFO™, we provide the expertise and clarity you need to resolve management and financial frustrations and produce a practice that is not only successful, but fun to lead. Whether you’re looking to improve your individual practice or you want to expand into multiple locations, we have the answers to help you.

We offer dental practice business solutions that are flexible, scalable, & affordable.

CFO Core™

Obtain a clear financial picture of your dental practice through proprietary dashboard reports while achieving exceptional service from experienced Chief Financial Officers.

CFO Tax Reduction Optimizer™

With the help of our Tax Accuracy Planner™, you can take advantage of specific tax-saving strategies while eliminating surprises such as an unexpected tax bill.

Strategic Direction Program™

Strategize with our Chief Financial Officers to finally get the right game plan in place to win against competitors and search for the goals you have for your practice.

Practice Management Consulting

Improve your profits with specialized consulting on a variety of practice solutions including staff training, proper phone procedures, hygiene production, case acceptance, and more.

New Start-Up Assistance

Develop a strategic plan to build your new dental practice including CFO-level expertise on services such as practice formation, human resources, and more.

Additional Consulting Services

Aside from our financial and consulting packages, The Dental CFO™ team can assist your practice with a variety of additional consulting services including Buy-Ins & Buy-Outs, Practice Assessments, and PPP Projects.

Benefits of Partnering with The Dental CFO™

By partnering with The Dental CFO™, you will not only strategize with experienced dental CPAs and Chief Financial Officers, but you will be given the programs and tools to help your dental practice succeed. Our clients regularly perform better than national statistics and have experienced a variety of benefits including improved employee morale, increased productivity, and enhanced leadership. Read some of our testimonials below to learn more about how The Dental CFO™ can benefit your practice.

Tameka Attaway, DDS
Tameka Attaway, DDS

I have already recommended Dental CFO to my colleagues and will continue to do so!

Working with Dental CFO has been vital to my transition from associate to practice owner. Their insight and experience helped me decide on a practice and they have continued to be an invaluable resource for consulting, accounting and HR. They are attentive and readily available when I need them. I have already recommended Dental CFO to my colleagues and will continue to do so!

Stephen Rouse, DDS

Dental CFO is a lifesaver!

As many in our position have learned the hard way, success in private practice is much more than having excellent dental skills. Knowledge and skill in taxation, accounting, marketing, staffing and regulatory policy is needed to successfully manage and grow a practice. Prior to hiring Dental CFO those components were handled by myself and two separate individuals. The time commitment and stress associated with handling these components instantly evaporated once we hired Dental CFO. Their skill, knowledge and expertise in all areas have made our business more profitable and productive. The team at Dental CFO UNDERSTAND, KNOW, CARE and RESPOND. Hiring them is the BEST decision I have made!

Benjamin H. Yarborough, DDS

A heartfelt thank you to the Dental CFO

The Dental CFO introduced themselves very professionally. They were extremely nice and anxious to make the transition from my previous accounting firm a positive one. They have looked after me over the years, guided me, gotten me through an audit with a positive outcome, and have always been there when I needed them. They have always been user friendly and very responsive to my needs and questions. I can say that the people I deal with at this firm have become friends. I am happy to have them behind me as they have taken worries away from me. A heartfelt thank you to the Dental CFO.

Richard W. Van Gurp, DDS, FACD

The Dental CFO is an integral part of my team!

The Dental CFO has been instrumental to my success in the business of dentistry. From the start, it is easy to tell that they have a sincere interest in helping you succeed. It’s not cookie-cutter. It’s not perfunctory. It’s sound advice and assistance in an area where most dentists really need it.

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Whether you’re looking to improve your individual practice or you want to expand into multiple locations, we have the answers to help you.